Ocean Art Contest 2013

Check out some of the fantastic images from the 2013 Ocean Art Contest The Winner this year has produced one hell of an image (Diver under the ice in Lazurny quarry, Russia) well done #ViktorLyagushkin http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/2013-ocean-art-contest-winners    

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War of the worlds -Spencer Cobby photograph

Personal work idea…..

Quotes with content association, I am not sure if it works, but loved the image. (Taken on the bus in Cork Airport November 2013, filters applied in Instagram.) No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s […]

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Reasons to document: – keep track of your own steps (go back to decisions, and realize perhaps good decisions were made with limitede outcome) – share the steps with others (not just the final outcome), so others can see what worked and what not, and build on your path walked and perhaps continue and extend what you did (open source principle) – look back with a distance of a few years, and realize perhaps on a meta level why you did certain things, and where it lead you to, which without those projects would not have done (meta reflection on life)

Business Mentor Photoshoot for Lana Home

[heading subtitle=”Photos of Sam Gaskil of Lana Home & his Business mentor Phil Deem, Business Advisor for Exeter Business Support.”] [/heading]I met Sam and Phil for a photoshoot outside the Exeter Civic Centre and was given a brief to provide a few formal photos that could go into the Western Morning News in the next […]

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Spent the last 6 weeks building the fabric to the room and then fitting a new Kitchen. Loads of work in this!!! I never thought it would take so long…

RunThrough 10k Run Photos in Brockwell Park

I photographed another event – this time working with RunThrough Running Events.  I provided event photography coverage for the Brixton 10k running race at Brockwell Park, Hern Hill, London . This was more for fun than anything else as this is not my normal area of photography… There were some huge PBs, lots of music, […]

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