camera set up on a stand for photoshoot

7 things you need to know about ecommerce photography rates

As an ecommerce merchant trading in today’s busy online marketplace, you’ll know that how you showcase your products online has never been so important. It’s simple: the better your products look on your website, the more you will sell. Your ecommerce images maximise visual [...]

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product photography for + Protein Water by Spencer Cobby Photography

Product Photography for Your South West Business

Are you a South West business looking to boost your market presence with some slick new product photography? With the power to make or break your brand, getting your product photography right is simply essential. Product images play a key role throughout the purchasing [...]

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a hand clicking an Apple mouse on a white desk

Increase conversions by optimising your product photography images

The importance of product photography is not to be underestimated. Your product images play a key role in a consumer’s experience on your site. They showcase your products, create a sense of desire, build trust and distinguish your brand from the competition. But they [...]

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Website photography trends for 2019

As highly visual beings, us humans are drawn to the imagery in a website before anything else. This means website photography has to be top notch. It needs to tell the story of the brand. It needs to showcase products or services. It needs [...]

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Lifestyle photography image of a St Petrocks service-user

Lifestyle Photography: St Petrocks, Exeter

Who are St Petrock's? I recently conducted a lifestyle portrait shoot for a wonderful charity based in the heart of Exeter - St. Petrock’s. Their heart is to bring hope to people who are homeless or vulnerably housed and to help them rebuild their [...]

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image showing a man's arm holding out an underwater camera photographed under the sea

Spencer Cobby: Underwater Photography and Water Babies

There’s something almost magical about underwater photography. Whether you’re snapping sea-life in the open ocean or capturing treasured family memories in a sun-soaked pool abroad, there’s a sense of exhilaration that comes from being able to take photos underwater. From amateur to a professional [...]

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image showing a light bulb in bokeh style

Natural vs artificial light in commercial photography

The word ‘photo’ means ‘light’, so it’s not surprising that the single most important factor in commercial photography is, of course, light. Light is the foundation of photography - of this, we’re certain. However, something that people aren’t so sure about is which type [...]

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image of woman's hands browsing product photographs on a white desk surrounded by green plants

12 inspiring ecommerce sites with amazing product photography

Product photography is a crucial element of any ecommerce site. First off, product photos attract the right customers to your site. They provide consumers with much-needed information about the product, making up for that lack of physical shopping experience. Good product photography also manages [...]

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image of an open magazine with a camera and lens, a closed chromebook laptop with a pair of glasses resting on top

10 tips to get started with product photography for your ecommerce website

There’s no disputing the power of product photography for your ecommerce website. The better your products look online, the more you will sell. Good product photography enhances visual appeal, attracts the right customers and increases conversions. As ambassadors for your business, it’s crucial your [...]

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Image of Spencer Cobby from Spencer Cobby Photography

Q&A with Spencer Cobby on product photography basics

Product photography can be intimidating for beginners. There's a whole plethora of terms to get your head around before you start snapping, and plenty of decisions to make about which camera settings to use. Whether you’re new to the world of product photography and [...]

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image from above showing a group of people with their arms held out in a circle, holding hands in the middle

Impact through imagery: why is professional photography so important for charities?

We live in a world that’s saturated with information. News stories vie for our attention at every opportunity whilst businesses overload us with content through multiple platforms. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that professional photography is a hugely powerful medium for getting [...]

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image of a Nikon lens for commercial photography

What is commercial photography?

Put simply, commercial photography means taking photos for business use. It’s about creating images to help promote and sell products and services. These images can be featured in adverts, brochures, leaflets, merchandising and menus, to name just a few of their uses. A commercial [...]

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