product photography for + Protein Water by Spencer Cobby Photography

Product Photography for Your South West Business

Are you a South West business looking to boost your market presence with some slick new product photography? With the power to make or break your brand, getting your product photography right is simply essential. Product images play a key role throughout the purchasing [...]

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E-Commerce Visual Trend Report

The e-commerce industry has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, and its trajectory is set to keep rising in the coming years. Looking ahead to 2024, we should expect to see new technologies, challenges, and trends that will shape the e-commerce landscape for [...]

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Colour correction of images - perfect colours every time - Spencer Cobby Photography

Accurate Coloured Images For Our Customers

Here at Spencer Cobby Photography we strive to deliver accurate coloured images for our customers. As technical photographers we use the most up to date calibrated monitors, printers and software tools. With the many updated tools, we can compare colours against reference colour charts, [...]

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Using Professional Product Photography to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Creating your own high quality product images is one of the most important aspects of increasing your online sales. The product photography is often the first impression of the product and your brand. Before customers even reach your website, they will probably see your [...]

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brand style guide

How To Develop Your Brand’s Photography Style Guide

A photography style guide will make your brand stand out. It is used as a framework or guide when creating imagery and artwork, ensuring a similar visual aesthetic and style. It's specific to your brand. Take Apple for example, they have a visual signature. [...]

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someone taking a video on a smartphone

10 reasons to combine video content with photography for online marketing

It is no surprise that video content is becoming increasingly popular among online marketers. Easily accessible and quick to digest, videos grab a viewer’s attention immediately. They are entertaining and versatile and appeal to a wide audience, particularly social media users. There is an [...]

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Product photography services to make your products ‘pop’

Why are good product photography services so important? Today’s high street is an increasingly virtual one. Customers are moving towards online shopping and the ease that it offers. But without the option of picking up and holding the product before purchase, employing product photography [...]

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5 photography magazines to read before the end of 2023

There is something about a magazine. In a world obsessed with its data footprint, it feels almost magical to physically hold creativity in your hands. The polished covers are so often home to a world of escapism and aspiration. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that a [...]

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All the equipment you need for a product photography set-up

In a world where people buy with their eyes – whether that is in person or in an electronic market place – it’s vital that your commercial images work hard to sell your product. However, the best photographs often come at a cost and [...]

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The beginner’s guide to ecommerce photography

What is ecommerce photography? Ecommerce photography is a skill not to be underestimated. The mathematics of it are simple: the better the product images are on your website, the more appealing you are to a customer. A well-shot, detailed photograph can supercharge the success [...]

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female photographer holding and pointing a DSLR camera

How do I get started as a commercial photographer?

Commercial photography is a lucrative and creative field that comprises of a plethora of different industries. Whether working in fashion or food, lifestyle or portrait, commercial photographers must master the art of producing pictures that people want to buy. While many report the commercial [...]

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dslr camera held up in the air against the sun and blue sky

How to find the best camera for product photography

From Instagram feeds and Facebook walls to traditional brochures and billboards, product photography is a lucrative and dynamic business. A well-shot, detailed photograph can transform the appeal of a product by selling a vision. It is no secret that customers buy with their eyes [...]

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Image of Spencer Cobby from Spencer Cobby Photography

Spencer Cobby – Your Exeter Commercial Photographer

On the lookout for a commercial photographer in Exeter? With over 20 years of experience in the photography industry, Spencer Cobby brings a unique blend of creativity, attention to detail and unrelenting passion to each and every project. His local Exeter studio is more [...]

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