Product Photography

Professional Product Photography That Will Boost Your Sales

We specialise in crafting amazing photography and images to highlight the quality, purpose and key features of your product.

Excellent product photography ensures that you maximise the visual appeal whilst helping to attract customers and increase sales.

No project is too big or small for us to deliver. Contact me today to discuss your project.

Product photography on white background of bottled protein water

White Background Cut-outs

We create a crisp, white background to your images which is perfect for both online and offline marketing. Making your product look beautiful with our product photography.

It helps to focus the customer’s gaze on your product and show off your branding. We can shoot on location or in our studio.

Product Photography Portfolio

Spencer Cobby specialises in commercial photography and product photography in locations across the UK.

Product and packaging photographer

Product and Packaging Photographer

We’re trusted by clients to shoot pristine, consistent images that are perfect for populating websites and magazines spreads alike. 

You’ve worked hard on your packaging; it’s our role to help you show it off at its best with our product photography. 

Lifestyle Product Shoots

How do you demonstrate to your customers the main purpose of your product? How do you help a potential customer see how it works? 

Lifestyle product photography is aimed a showcasing your product within a styled scene.

We’re experts at helping your product photos become your brand ambassadors.

Lifestyle product shoots

South West Product Photographer with over 20 Years Experience

Packaging photography

Packaging Photography

Catch their eye with clear, stand-out photos of your product packaging. We create images that tell your product’s story. 

Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle Photography

Clever lifestyle product photography within a styled scene will help demonstrate the purpose of your products.

Food photography

Food Photography

Inspire your customers to eat, drink and cook with our creative food and drink photoshoots. Fresh, delicious and appetising – your customers won’t be able to resist!

White background photography

White Background Photography

Making your products pop! Clean and crisp – these photos reveal your products’ true colours and offer less peripheral distraction.