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This season I have photographed a variety of products for Nkuku from Small Cookery to larger styled scenes of tables chairs and even beds. The following images are a sample set of this summers Spring & Summer collection SS23.

The last 5 years photographing for Nkuku as a their freelance lifestyle studio product photographer, has given me a vast amount of experience photographing, Homewares in the studio environment. Roughly photographing 500-600 products per year. As you can imagine this environment has produced many technical challenges to overcome. Making a warehouse scene look like a home that someone could live in can no small task. I am always trying to pushing the envelope of what is possible in a studio environment. When confronted with a blank canvas it can be scary place to start. However I often start with a few questions who lives here? What nationality are they? What sense of home do they have? How would this chair appear in their home. You start building up a picture of the person who would use the product and just go from there. I really love this environment.

Building and then lighting sets is one of may favourite things to do with Nkuku’s photographic production Manager Georgie Dennis. It’s a process where product, styling photography and lighting collide to make special images that help to sell amazing products.

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Below you can see how a simple set of images from this seasons images that can convey tone and personality of this season. Client Nkuku –

Stylish Chairs

Ceramic Dinnerware Set


Candel Holders