Crealy Meadows Shoot

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The adventure park company Crealy recently commissioned me to photograph their new Meadow view lodges and safari style camping lodges for their 2016-17 marketing campaign.

I was given a great brief to photograph two families enjoying the lodges on a nice sunny Devon day.

The day was storyboarded and scheduled to in order to maximize the sunlight and the use of two Ginger Snaps model families chosen for the shoot.

I throw the kitchen sinks worth or equipment on the shoot but still found myself wanting more kit at points due to the scale of the shoot and harsh contrast lighting conditions we had from 12-3pm. On days like these, you use all the tools you have. #stillneedmorekit

After a very busy day with many images taken we achieved the selection of images, to be used on their website and in flyers and in their general social media campaigns.

Visit Crealy Meadows on the web.


Lighting setup BTS