Professional product photography can be the difference between someone purchasing your product or choosing a competitor’s instead. Your product photos play a key role in your business, providing important buying information. They convey brand values and create a sense of desire amongst consumers. They also maximise visual appeal, which helps to attract customers and ultimately boost sales. Excellent product photography is not to be underestimated.

Professional product photography is one of the many services we offer here at Spencer Cobby Photography. We specialise in crafting images to accentuate the quality, purpose and key features of your product. We know just how crucial product photography is for your business. And we understand the huge impact it can have on sales. We pride ourselves on shooting vibrant, high-resolution images that will catch the attention of your customers. They will be able to get up-close and personal with your products. Our service is carefully tailored to successfully connect with your target audience and we’re confident that our meticulous approach will deliver professional results to give your business a boost to the next level.

Develop a strategy – understanding vision and brand

If you’re launching a new product, or even looking to revitalise existing products with new photos, we’ll work together with you to develop a photography strategy. We’ll first delve into your brand identity and get an idea of how you want your brand and products to be portrayed. It’s important we gain a clear understanding of your business vision so that we can tailor our service accordingly. With a clear goal in mind, together we’ll consider which style of photography is best. We can then decide between a location or studio shoot, both of which can be adapted depending on your needs.

Let’s take a look at the two different types of product photoshoots in more detail…

Studio based photoshoots

In our local Exeter studio, situated conveniently close to the M5, we offer a wide range of product photography services to our clients. We use state-of-the-art equipment such as the latest high-resolution camera systems and advanced flash apparatus.


We recognise the huge growth there’s been in internet sales during recent years, and understand the importance of strong visuals for ecommerce businesses in particular. Formal cut-out photography is one of the most common ways to shoot a product for a website, forming the basis for many of the projects we take on here at Spencer Cobby Photography. Take a look on almost any ecommerce site and you’ll find these classic white-background cut-out shots. These sorts of images are a simple, yet professional way of showcasing your product. Produced to the highest quality, we guarantee crisp edges and clear shots to convey every key detail about your product. Turnaround of studio ecommerce photography is generally much quicker than images shot on location.

These cut-out shots of Newey & Bloomer kettles for their ecommerce web shop form just one example of the many studio product photography projects we’ve undertaken. This shoot took a day and a half of meticulous photography to reach the desired results. The lighting, photography and editing were very carefully considered. We didn’t want to produce shots that compromised the shiny exteriors of the kettles or that showed reflections of our equipment. 


Lifestyle images are a clever way of connecting with your customers’ emotions and creating a sense of desire. By showing your products being used and enjoyed by a typical consumer, you are selling a way of life. Good quality lifestyle photos can convert interest into a sale, so they’re important to get right. A lot of people assume lifestyle photography takes place on location, but we offer lifestyle set-building in our studio if preferred. Turnaround can be longer than studio-produced cut-out shots, due to experimentation with sets, props and editing.

Location based photoshoots

Of course, not every business is looking for formal studio shots to display their products. This is why we also offer professional product photography on location. We can bring top-of-the-range lighting and backdrops to use on-site, subject to your needs.

Depending on the type of product photos you desire, shooting on location can be a great way of capturing emotive images that really tell your products’ story. Getting out of the studio opens up a plethora of choices for background options and often provides more room for creativity. Product photos shot on location often create a greater sense of desire amongst consumers than corporate cut-out shots. They help reflect your brand’s values and offer the audience a tangible lifestyle ideal to connect with.

Our product photography project with Eyewear Accessories is an example of how shooting on location can capture images that reflect brand values and communicate important product details. We were commissioned to create a set of lifestyle product images that show Eyewear’s sunglasses used in a various environments typically frequented by the target consumer. We decided to shoot the images in and around the Exeter University, to give a professional yet youthful look to the finished photos.

Professional care and precision

When it comes to product photography, there’s no room for error. Your products are the backbone of your business. If they don’t look good in images, they’re less likely to sell. With this in mind, we strive to offer true and accurate colour to images, whether captured in the studio or on location. Every photograph is edited to specification and delivered ready-for-use as a full resolution digital image.
To find out more about the product photography services we offer, and to see some more examples of our work, visit our website. And please do contact us if you’d like to discuss a project or have any questions about how product photography can help your business.