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Are you a South West business looking to boost your market presence with some slick new product photography? With the power to make or break your brand, getting your product photography right is simply essential.

Product images play a key role throughout the purchasing funnel. They showcase your products, build trust, raise brand awareness and help to distinguish your business from the competition.

Armed with an understanding of your audience and marketplace, you’ll need to go about carefully curating a set of product shots that will appeal to consumers and reflect those all important brand values.

Spencer Cobby’s product photography

That’s where we come in. Professional product photography is one of the many services we offer here at Spencer Cobby Photography.

We specialise in crafting vibrant, high-quality images that tell the story of your brand and showcase the key features of your products. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the industry, we can create amazing product images that connect with your customers and increase conversions.

Whether you require formal cut-out shots or more relaxed lifestyle images, our local Exeter studio is more than equipped to accommodate your needs. We offer a range of packages for South West businesses, all within easy reach of the M5.

White background product packshots

Formal cut-out photography is an extremely popular way of shooting products for an ecommerce website or printed catalogue. These types of projects form the basis of much of our work here at Spencer Cobby Photography.

White background cut-outs are a simple way of exhibiting your products whilst achieving a slick, professional look. We guarantee crisp edges and clear shots of the highest quality, in order to convey every key detail and unique feature of your products. We create a perfect white background, which helps to focus the customer’s gaze on the product itself and really bring your offering to life.

Price guide

Studio fees for our white background product packshots are based on either an hourly, half-day or full-day rate: 

Prices include studio time, photographer, basic digital clean-up and colour correction. Quoted rates are used only as a guide, and are negotiable subject to volume and usage.

Please get in touch for specific pricing based on your project 

Newey & Bloomer white background product photography

Check out our work with Newey & Bloomer for just one example of our professional white background photography service. After a day and a half of meticulous attention to detail and carefully considered lighting decisions, we reached the desired results: beautiful high-res images that retain each kettle’s stylish details whilst avoiding the reflections of our equipment! 

Lifestyle sets

Lifestyle images showcase your products in real-life scenarios, with people who resemble the target audience. The set-up can be anything from a simple wooden backdrop with relevant props, to a full kitchen setting with models demonstrating your items.

These types of product photographs are an effective way of connecting with customers’ emotions and appealing to their desire for a particular way of life. They offer consumers a tangible lifestyle idea to aspire to – a must for arousing interest and increasing sales.

Lifestyle product photographs also communicate information about your brand to consumers. From the backdrop you choose, to the props you use, and the lighting decisions you make, all these elements come together to the story of your business.

Price guide

The cost per image for simple studio lifestyle shots is the same as our white background cut-out rates listed above. There is a charge for creating your chosen backdrop, which is dependent on the complexity of the set and props required.

We can vary each set slightly, altering props and tweaking arrangements without further charge, so that every image is unique. For more significant changes, there may be additional setup charges.

Nkuku lifestyle sets

Nkuku Lifestyle Product Photography

We’ve recently been working with South West-based home and lifestyle brand, Nkuku, on a number of exciting commercial photography projects. This is a great example of where we have photographed products in a lifestyle set. First of all, the Nkuku team created a kitchen environment with lots of their current products positioned inside.

We then photographed numerous elements of the same kitchen scene, creating a body of product images from just one set.

Location hire

Some lifestyle shots require a location hire, which is something we are able to accommodate. We can bring top-of-the-range lighting and backdrops to use on-site, subject to your needs. Getting out of the studio opens up much more room for creativity. Shooting on location can be a great way of capturing engaging, emotive images that really reflect your brand’s values.

For more information about our location-based product photography services or a bespoke quotation, please do get in touch.

Editing options

editing on an iMac for product photography shoot with Nkuku

When it comes to product photography, there’s no room for error. To give your ecommerce site a truly professional finish, we provide basic digital editing as standard with all our product photography packages.

We will provide a digital clean-up and colour adjustment on all images, whether captured in the studio or on location. Every photograph is edited to specification and delivered ready-for-use as a full resolution digital image.

Cut-outs and clipping paths can also be supplied if required, although these come at an additional cost. Contact our friendly team if you’re looking for further details about our advanced editing options.

Turnaround times

We understand how important turnaround speed is to our clients, so we make this a priority on all of our projects. Of course, turnaround times are based on the volume of photography and editing, but generally we always aim to edit and deliver final product images within seven working days. Quicker turnaround times are possible for an additional charge.

Throughout the duration of each project, we strive to keep in touch with clients and provide regular progress updates. We pride ourselves on keeping all parties informed and providing an honest, transparent service.

Find out more

To find out more about the services we can offer a South West business like you, take a look at the dedicated product photography page on our website.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our product photography services. We love connecting with passionate brands wanting to transform their web presence with powerful photography!