Product photography: Bill Blight Bags

Blighty - Bill Blight Bags Banner - By Spencer Cobby Photography

Product photography commissions have been winging their way over to me here in Devon over the last few months. Recently I enjoyed working with an Exeter-based company called Bill Blight to create some quality product photography for their e-commerce site.


The client:

Bill Blight make high quality leather bags at their workshop in the South West. They currently exhibit their bags at local and national industry fairs, on the hunt for retailers to stock their products.
They’ve just built a new website to take their business online and reach new customers. As part of this project, Bill Blight got in touch with me to produce some product photography to launch their new range of handmade leather bags.


The brief: e-commerce product photography

Bill Blight asked me to create some e-commerce styled images of their bags. They wanted simple, high-detail product photography that would enable customers to see the quality of the bags.
These bags retail at over £100 a-piece, so the images really needed to display the top-quality materials and craftsmanship involved in making them; right down to details like the stitching and fastenings.
At the same time Bill Blight wanted to get across the sense of fun and fashion that appeals to their targeted customer-base of middle-aged gay men and young Japanese women.


Behind the Scenes - Bill Blight Bags

The shoot: on location in Devon

I like to make things as straightforward for my clients as possible so I arranged to set-up a product photo studio in Bill Blight’s Exeter workshop. Over two and a half days I photographed each of the products in turn.
There were three styles of bag, each in four different colours, as well as a camera accessory bag to photograph. The main challenge of this shoot was to ensure that the colour of each product looked as consistent as possible. It’s especially important for e-commerce product photography to be as accurate as possible as customers won’t see the product ‘in-the-flesh’ before buying.
To achieve this consistency, I needed to make sure each product was placed in exactly the same position, so that there were no differences in lighting or shadow. To do this, I used Canon Camera software to create a 50% overlay of the product – that is, a sort of ghost image of the previous photo that you can see in live view.
The overlay image created a registration mark that enabled me to place each product in exactly the same position as the last, so that each photograph displayed the colours of the products uniformly and accurately.


Final edits

Blighty - Bill Blight Bags - by Spencer Cobby Photography

The product photographs were edited and delivered to the client within 24 hours of completing the shot. Turnaround speed is important to me when providing clients with a finished product.

I pride myself on being faster than the industry average when it comes to post production work. And Bill Blight were pleased to take advantage of the momentum that the photoshoot generated
Overall, I was pretty pleased with the accuracy of image colour and product rendition of these images. Have a look for yourself, see what you think. And if you’re looking for some product photography in Devon or the South West get in touch, I’d love to hear more about your project.