Commercial Photography Brief

The Brief

When producing Commercial Photography for my clients, I’m often given a general brief for the project. When this is the case, it can be all too easy to not deliver what the client whats from the shoot.  I find the best way to avoid costly mistakes or not hitting the exact brief is to research the company’s background and understand the companies general ethos and current marketing plan. This helps to incorporate the style design and colour range the client has commissioned before. I then tend to shoot around the subject so the client gets as many variations of the subject with dead space ether side of the subject to add text, if they need.

Having creative freedom is a very good thing, however I do show the clients how the shoot is going so as to allow their input incase any changes are needed.

The Beer Temple 

In the case of my client “The Beer Temple” I was given a broad brief to capture the Beer tasting evening held within the Charlie’s Live Lounge St Thomas Exeter. The images had to show local bottled beers being drunk and sampled by the clients in a fun and exciting way.  As you can see by the advert below the images produced taken on a visual narrative for the  text.  To see further the images from this shoot please see The Beer Temple  website.

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The Beer Temple Flyer