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10 reasons to combine video content with photography for online marketing

It is no surprise that video content is becoming increasingly popular among online marketers. Easily accessible and quick to digest, videos grab a viewer’s attention immediately. They are entertaining and versatile and appeal to a wide audience, particularly social media users. 

There is an inevitable cost to creating video content in addition to your photography. However, great value stands to be gained by rolling the two out together. Each serves a different purpose and the two art forms complement each other brilliantly. Whilst videos can increase the initial grab factor, photos allow the customer to peruse products at their own pace. 

Here are 10 reasons you should combine video content with photography to optimise your online marketing. 

1. Boost memory  

Humans process images very easily, so visuals help us to remember a message more clearly than text alone. Three days after hearing a piece of information, we will only remember 10% of it. However, if there is an image linked to that information, we will remember around 65% (source). Visual content (particularly dynamic content like video) helps keep potential customers thinking about your product for longer.

2. Engage with your viewer

man scrolling through video content on smartphone

The human brain is also lazy when it comes to processing information. It is far quicker for us to digest information from a photo or video than it is to read text.  So customers are automatically engaged by video content in a way that text alone would struggle to achieve.

3. Tell a story

Storytelling allows the customer to connect with your brand on a personal level. We’ve discussed before the powerful impact of photography for charities. It connects with people, increases emotional engagement and conveys values. The storytelling nature of video content allows you to bring your brand to life on another level. You can appeal to your customers’ imagination, whether through humour, music or characters. Motivate them. Inspire them. Get them to believe in your brand.  

4. Stop the scrolling

scrolling through social media posts on a mobile phone

21st century users are accustomed to scrolling and absorbing information fast. One of the main challenges in social media is to force users to stop scrolling. To make them focus on one thing – your product – for an extended period. Videos help achieve this, since they require a few seconds longer for the message to be understood. These extra few seconds of attention make the viewer more receptive and more likely to click on a link. 

5. From introduction to conversion

Video is best suited to the first stage in the marketing process – awareness. It may not convert directly into a sale, but instead directs the customer towards more information, such as photos and text descriptions. Photos then help the customer clarify the size, colour and design of the product. They give the customer time to consider the product fully before making a purchase. Read our blog post here on how to optimise your product photography to increase conversions. 

6. Increase shares on social media

In today’s world of content sharing, video is king. With constant improvements in internet capability, uploading and sharing video content has become easy. At the click of a button, viewers can pass on content they enjoy to all of their social network. They are automatically endorsing your product to others. A popular video can spread your influence wide across many different forums with little effort from you.

7. Diversify across different social platforms 

iPhone with multiple apps for uploading video content

The internet is swamped with social platforms, all serving different purposes. What you post will depend on where you post it. A platform such as Instagram is suited to images, so photographs are often a better choice. On the other hand, Facebook’s algorithms favour video, so it is more likely to be featured on news feeds. 

8. Adapt to mobile viewing 

Viewers normally use their phones to browse social media, and video content is particularly popular on mobile. Since mobiles are carried everywhere, you can reach potential customers wherever they are. So it’s wise to consider the formatting of your videos with mobile viewers in mind. Vertical videos and images allow for more screen presence than horizontal content. 

9. Be multi-sensory 

iphone with earphones

Whilst the majority of viewers watch videos on a mute setting, sound brings a whole new dimension to video content. The combination of movement and noise is the perfect tool for catching users’ attention. As you engage both visual and auditory senses at once, you immerse the viewer in your brand. Subtitles, however, are essential so that the message is still delivered at low volume or muted settings.

10. Combine multiple elements

Videos also allow for a wide variety of content. Images, text, voice overs, graphics or links can all be incorporated into the same medium. This makes video content truly versatile and fully interactive. So you can engage your customer through beautiful visuals, whilst ensuring your message is clearly delivered through text or voiceover.

Video content and ecommerce photography

With its high engagement levels and popularity on social media, we think video content is a worthwhile supplement to your ecommerce photography. 

Plan your video content carefully to get the best out of it. Keep it simple. Make it unique. Always use subtitles or text overlay to get your message across clearly. And remember, the first few seconds are the most important, so focus on making these as compelling as possible. 

For more information about video work, please get in touch to discuss how we could help you incorporate video into your visual content.

Spencer Cobby – your Exeter commercial photographer

On the lookout for a commercial photographer in Exeter? With over 20 years of experience in the photography industry, Spencer Cobby brings a unique blend of creativity, attention to detail and unrelenting passion to each and every project. His local Exeter studio is more than equipped to accommodate a range of commercial photography projects, all within easy reach of the M5.

Here, we’re delving into Spencer’s diverse background in photography, before exploring the range of commercial photography services he provides.

Over two decades of photography experience

After obtaining a first-class photography degree, Spencer worked as a studio photographer in London for many years. His work spanned across several different areas, including the fashion, advertising and motor industries. Spencer has also worked for Canon UK, led an underwater photography course in the Red Sea and travelled the world as a portrait photographer on board cruise ships!

This myriad of experiences has equipped Spencer with a wealth of expertise in the photography industry. Thanks to his extensive and varied knowledge of various photography styles, he is able to deliver an exceptional service to a diverse range of clients.

Whether you require formal cut-out product shots for your ecommerce store, professional business headshots, or even fun publicity snaps of a local event, Spencer has the experience to deliver outstanding results in a professional and friendly manner.

Let’s take a closer look at the different commercial photography services that Spencer can provide.

Product photography

Are you a South West business looking to launch a new product or overhaul your existing marketing collateral? Spencer can create slick product photographs that speak to your target audience and showcase what your brand has to offer. He understands just how important professional product images are for a brand, and is able to use this knowledge to create photos that are optimised to increase conversions.

Under the umbrella of product photography, there are several specific services that Spencer specialises in. Let’s take a look at these in more detail.

White background product packshots

Formal white background cut-outs are an extremely popular way of shooting products for an ecommerce site or printed catalogue. They are a simple yet professional way of showcasing your products and all their unique selling points. Spencer creates a perfect white background, which helps to focus the customer’s gaze on the product itself and accentuate every key detail.

Studio fees for our white background product packshots are based on either an hourly, half-day or full-day rate. We can also shoot on location. Check out our price guide for more details.

Lifestyle product photography

Lifestyle product photography is all about bringing your products to life. These all-important images showcase your products in real-life scenarios. They are a great way to connect with customers’ emotions, as they offer consumers a tangible lifestyle to aspire to. This is a must for arousing interest and increasing sales.

Spencer can work with your team to find the right models and locations to bring another dimension to your products. From building simple lifestyle sets, to styling larger location shoots, he loves putting his creativity to the test and creating truly engaging lifestyle photos.

The cost per image for simple studio lifestyle shots is the same as our white background cut-out rates listed above. There is a charge for creating any set backdrops, which is dependent on the complexity of your requirements. Shoots on location require a bespoke quotation – get in touch to find out more. 

Take a look at some of the following lifestyle product shots Spencer took with artisan homeware brand, Nkuku.

lifestyle product photography of Nkuku woven baskets by Spencer Cobby Photography

lifestyle product photography of Nkuku metal locker shelves by Spencer Cobby Photographu

Packshots and lifestyle product photography

A packshot is an image of a product in its packaging and labelling. It’s an important stimulus to sales, helping to trigger in-store product recognition. Professionally produced packshots help to increase your credibility within the market, therefore enhancing your competitive advantage. These can be combined with lifestyle product photos to develop lasting connections with your target audience.

Product and packaging

Spencer is trusted by clients to shoot pristine, consistent images that are good enough quality to represent their brands across the web and in glossy magazine spreads or brochures. He exercises meticulous care and attention to showcase your packaging at its best.

sofa on an Nkuku brochure, shot by Spencer Cobby Photography

Food and drink

Spencer has worked with a wealth of outstanding local food and drink producers on a range of tasty product photography projects. A well-executed food or drink snap will instantly attract attention and leave the audience craving more, and Spencer knows all the tricks of the trade to create mouth-watering food and drink photography.

Not only do high-quality food and drink images inspire your customers’ appetites, they convey your business as a reputable establishment with a passion for excellence and commitment to detail – two must-haves for a food and drink retailer! Here’s an example from a shoot with a local restaurant, The Flat. 

flat-lay photograph of food from The Flat restaurant, Exeter


From start-up boutiques to established highstreet names, Spencer has worked with a wide range of clothing brands over the years. He provides both studio and location clothing photography, and knows how to present clothes products in the most stylish yet practical ways.

Website photography

As highly visual beings, us humans are drawn to the imagery on a website before anything else. It is therefore key for your website photography to make a positive, lasting impression. It needs to tell the story of your business. It needs to sell your products, services and staff in a way that reflects your core values. This will help to raise brand awareness, whilst evoking an emotional connection with your audience.

Using his knowledge of the industry and the way it responds to cultural changes, Spencer is always aware of the latest website photography trends. Working together with you, he will endeavour to tailor the style and content of your photography to appeal to current trends, whilst ensuring it speaks to your target market.

Commercial photography

Commercial photography is all about creating images to help promote and sell products and services. As a business, you need a rich reserve of images to create a consistent visual identity and demonstrate your core values. These photos can be featured in adverts, brochures, leaflets and menus, to name just a few of their uses.

Thanks to his many years of experience, Spencer has the skills to create commercial photographs that inspire emotions and encourage purchases. By making an effort to gain a real understanding of your brand and its underlying values, he can produce photos that represent your business in a clear, imaginative and professional manner.

People and lifestyle

Whilst stock photos can be a tempting solution when it comes to your marketing collateral, we are huge advocates of creating your own commercial photographs featuring your very own staff members. This is a great way of humanising your brand and helping potential customers get to know your business. We know from research that the presence of human photos on a website landing page can boost conversion rates through increasing trust. Having your real team featured in the images will only make this stronger.

If you’re looking to bring a creative, personal touch to your business’ marketing images, then Spencer is ideally suited to help make this a reality. These relaxed and friendly lifestyle shots that we produced for Devon Partnership NHS Trust recruitment are a great example of a successful local commercial photography project.

lifestyle portrait shot of a senior staff nurse with Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Business headshots

Professional business headshots are a highly versatile marketing tool. Not only do they present a company and its employees in a professional manner, but they provide an important personal touch. They can be used on an ‘About Us’ webpage, LinkedIn profiles, or within printed marketing collateral to help foster strong connections with customers and positive relationships for sales.

To find out more about what a corporate headshot project with Spencer involves, check out this article, where we went behind-the-scenes at a shoot with local ecommerce experts, Swanky Agency. Swanky wanted simple, high-quality, white-background headshots to complement the crisp, modern look of their revamped website. At the same time, it was important that their staff headshots conveyed the fun and friendly personalities of their team. The team were delighted with the results – super-swanky business headshots perfect for showcasing their enthusiastic team members.

headshot photography of Swanky Agency's Office Manager by Spencer Cobby Photography


It’s not always easy thinking of creative ways to produce industrial photography for marketing use. Whatever industry you’re in though, Spencer will find engaging ways to document your business. He can snap locations, products, machinery and people, turning everyday activities into compelling images that get noticed.

Take a look at these images we shot of real All Clean staff cleaning air ducts at a clients’ premises. The photographs bring the service to life, clearly communicating to potential customers what they can expect from All Clean’s offering. The focus of the image is on the work being done by the staff, with a clean and humanised end-result. Who would have thought photographs of air ducts being cleaned could be so engaging!

Event photography

Passionate about helping people capture lasting memories of special events, Spencer also specialises in event photography across Exeter, Devon and the wider South West region. From family fundraisers to charity fun-runs, military parades to award ceremonies, he can create high-quality photographic mementos of your events.

As part of this event photography service, we can provide a range of high-resolution, ready-to-use images in as little as 24 hours. There’s even the option of on-site printing with our state-of-the-art thermal imaging printers!

Photographing royalty

In September 2018, Spencer was honoured to photograph Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal at a very special event at Devon Carers in Exminster. HRH, who is President of the Carers Trust, was in Devon to officially open the new Devon Carers Service. Such an important milestone event deserves the finest quality photographs to match, and we were privileged to be involved in documenting such a momentous occasion for Devon Carers. 

We’re always interested in hearing about local events in and around Exeter, so please do get in touch if you’re organising an event and would like a free initial photography consultation.

Underwater photography

The allure of underwater photography is hard to resist, and Spencer is certainly no stranger to the magic of capturing images beneath the water. With six years of experience as an underwater photographer behind him, he combines technical skill and the latest technology to produce stunning images in range of environments.

Check out this recent interview with Spencer, where we dived into his background in underwater photography and found out what he loves most about snapping away under the water!

Water Babies photographer

Water Babies is a swimming school for babies and toddlers, birthed in the South West of England. Alongside swimming lessons, they offer underwater photoshoots that capture spectacular images for families to treasure forever. Spencer has been working with them as a contracted Underwater Children’s Photographer since 2013.

Working in an underwater studio, his photography his carefully interwoven into children’s normal swimming lessons. As you can imagine, taking photos of babies and toddlers underwater isn’t easy, so there’s a team of people involved. ‘Dipographers’ swim the children in front of the camera at just the right moment. It’s Spencer’s job to capture that special shot over three submersions. All this whilst trying to hold his breath, lower his heart rate and keep hold of the equipment!

Underwater portraits

Spencer also caters for swim cools, schools and other swimming clubs. During swimming lessons, children can come in groups of 4-6 for three sets of action shots and one underwater portrait. As long as the children are happy swimming in front of the camera, Spencer is happy to snap away!


Get in touch

Please feel free to contact Spencer if you’d like to find out more about any of the services he can provide as your Exeter commercial photographer.

A glossary of photography terms and techniques

New to the world of photography? All the technical jargon leaving you feeling frazzled? Fear not, for we’ve created a helpful glossary of key photography terms and techniques, perfect for mastering the basics. Whether you’re just starting out as a beginner photographer, or simply want to learn more about this fascinating field, our glossary will help you gain an understanding of some common photography expressions … 


Ambient light 

This is the light that occurs in the scene without the presence of any artificial lighting. 


Arguably one of the most important photography terms to get to grasps with, aperture affects many different variables of an image. Put simply, aperture refers to the opening in the lens. Light travels through this opening into the camera body. A large aperture lets more light in and reduces the focus, whereas a small aperture keeps more of the image sharp. When it comes to photographing products, a small aperture will help keep the entire product crisp and in focus. Aperture is measured in something called f-stops (wide apertures have a small f-stop value and narrow apertures have larger f-stops). 

Artificial lighting 

Produced by electric light fixtures to deliver the required aesthetic effect in a photography studio or on location. Artificial lighting is more easily controlled than natural light. Examples include hot lights which are warm in colour temperature, and strobe lights, which burst out a large amount of light in a fraction of a second. 

Aspect ratio  

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the image’s height to its width. This can be changed in your camera, or you can crop a photo to your desired ratio.  



A backlight illuminates the object of the photoshoot from behind. This makes the object stand out vividly against the background.  



This is the term given to the way an image and the objects in it are arranged. 



This is a device that helps evenly distribute the light from a light source, in order to create a soft glow over your set. A diffuser softens the light and reduce the hardness of shadows, therefore giving the resulting photo a greater sense of depth. Net curtains and white bed sheets make for handy DIY diffusers. 

DPI (Dots Per Inch) 

A common printing term, DPI is a measure of resolution. The higher the DPI, the higher the resolution of the resulting image.  


DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)

image showing a dslr camera on a wooden table  

A DSLR camera combines the optics of a single-lens camera with a digital imaging sensor, as opposed to photographic film. It has interchangeable lenses. A DSLR camera captures images in RAW format, recording all possible sensor data to allow for advanced retouching. 



Exposure refers to how light or dark an image is. It is controlled through the size of the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. 



This is the measure of the lens aperture. It is defined numerically, and calculated by dividing the focal length of the lens by the aperture diameter.  

Fill light 

Fill light is used to fill in the shadows as desired. You can use a flash, reflector or studio strobe to create it.  


Objects that are in focus appear crisp and sharp, whereas objects that are out of focus appear blurry.  



With the ability to dramatically affect an image, camera ISO controls the brightness of your photos. As the ISO number increases, so does the brightness of your photos. For product photography, you ideally want the lowest ISO possible. If your image seems too dark, gradually increase the ISO value. However, it’s important to note that increasing the ISO can produce a grainy image with less detail. Be sure to balance ISO with aperture and shutter speed to get a suitable exposure. 


Lifestyle shots  

In-context photos that show your featured product being used in its intended environment. These types of images help tell the story of a product or brand, create a sense of desire, and foster an emotional connection with consumers.  


This is a box-shaped tent, often with plastic sides, which helps to evenly distribute light around the object of photography.  



Noise refers to tiny grains or colour artefacts in an image. Images taken at high ISOs have a lot of noise, especially in shadowy areas. Continuous shooting in hot environments can also lead to noise within digital images.  


Product cut-outs 

Clean-cut, white background, product-only images that showcase your featured product at a variety of relevant angles. High-quality cut-outs are essential for conveying information to potential customers and engendering trust with your audience. 



This is a device that reflects light in a photoshoot. You can buy purpose-made reflectors or use something as simple as a mirror or white or silver card.  

Rule of thirds  

Regarded as an essential photography technique, the rule of thirds is important to consider when composing your photographs. This rule suggests that you divide your image into three parts both vertically and horizontally to create a grid. This grid can then be used as a place-guide when photographing objects, ensuring an interesting and well-balanced photo. Your finished composition will reflect the way people naturally look at a photograph. 



This is the part of the camera that opens and closes to let light in.   

image of shutter on a camera

Shutter speed  

Shutter speed is how long the shutter stays open. It is written in seconds, or fractions of a second. The longer the shutter stays open, the more light that is let in. When it comes to product photography, use a low shutter speed setting when the camera is mounted and the product is motionless. You might need a faster shutter speed if you’re using a handheld camera, or if you’re shooting a product in motion.  



This is the hole you look through to take a photo.  


Zoom lens  

image showing multiple zoom lenses

A lens with a variable focal length, which can be adjusted to change the size of the image on screen. 

This glossary of photography terms and techniques will prove useful if you’re wanting to get to grips with some photography basics. To find out more about some different types of photography, including product, event and even underwater photography, take a look around our website. And check out our blog to find out just how important photography can be for businesses.  

A guide for professional headshots

In need of some new professional headshots for your business? Not sure what to look for when it comes to finding a photographer? Our handy guide will shed some light on what it takes to get the best business headshots, and even provide some useful tips to help you prepare for those all-important staff portraits.  

Why are professional headshots so important? 

First of all, why is it so important to get professional corporate headshots? Not only do consistent, high-quality staff portraits present a professional image of your company, they also provide a personal touch. It can instantly improve the connection between you and your customers, facilitating a positive relationship for sales.

Corporate headshots make for useful marketing and branding collateral too. When consumers visit a website or look through a brochure, they want to see the faces behind the business. They want to know who they’re dealing with. Having staff portraits featured throughout your marketing materials provides consistency, and paints a friendly, trustworthy picture of your business.

What should I look for in a professional headshot photographer?


If you’re hiring a photographer for staff headshots, both parties must comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Photos of your staff are classified as personal data. They can contain arguably the most sensitive of personal information about an individual, including their ethnic origin, gender and occupation. A clear and specific statement of consent must be provided by everyone who is being photographed – each staff member must proactively opt in to the images being taken, stored and published. All data subjects should be made aware how they can access the data that the photographer holds about them. They should also be clear on how they can withdraw their consent at any time if they wish. Once you’ve found a photographer to produce your professional headshots, be sure to check their website for an up-to-date privacy policy. Find out more in our recent blog post


Have you thought about the style of professional headshots you require? Your photographer will be able to discuss your requirements with you in detail, but it’s worth considering beforehand whether you’re after formal business portraits, or more relaxed, natural photos of staff members. We offer traditional corporate headshots in front of plain backdrops, as well as professional headshot photography at your location. Business headshots done on location, like this one we produced for First Care Ambulance, show staff in their native working environment. They offer a more casual look, whilst communicating clues about a staff member’s role in the business. 


Vertical headshots of portrait orientation are usually the go-to format. However, horizontal staff headshots can also be very effective. A landscape view allows more of the background to be visible, and it can always be cropped for a more traditional look if necessary. 

Backdrop colour 

For traditional corporate headshots, make sure you discuss your preference for background colour with your photographer so that they can order the right backdrops. The most commonly used colours tend to be white, grey or blue because of their fresh, clean appearance. You should always avoid busy backgrounds that might compete with the subject. In a recent revamp of Clear Property’s staff headshots, we used a blue backdrop to direct the eye of the viewer to the staff member. Cool tones like this blue hue contrast with warm skin tones and draw attention to the subject’s face.


How do I get the most out of professional headshots photography?

Once you’ve found your photographer and discussed your preferences, what’s next? Be sure to give staff plenty of notice. There’s nothing worse than arriving at work only to find out that you’re having your photo taken that day. We’ve gathered some tips to help you and your staff members prepare for, and conquer, your photoshoot.  

Consider your clothing 

We’d always recommend wearing plain clothes, without patterns, stripes or graphics. These garments may look good in person, but they’ll more than likely be a source of unwanted visual noise on camera. Also, be sure to wear an outfit that complies with your company dress-code. 

Clean your glasses 

image of a hand holding smeared glasses covered in rain drops

If you’re wearing glasses in your photo, make sure you give them a thorough clean beforehand. You want to avoid being able to see dust or fingerprints in the final image, as this can draw attention away from your face.  

Keep make up natural 

Keep in mind that this is a professional shot for corporate use. We’d always advise keeping make up simple and sticking to what you normally wear. A staff portrait is not the time to start experimenting with bold colours and heavy coverage.  


A top tip is to think about someone or something funny when having your photo taken. This will look much more natural than a forced, ‘say-cheese’ smile. It will be a genuine smile that reaches the eyes – perfect for representing you as a friendly and personable team member.

Trust your photographer 

Last but not least, remember that your photographer wants the same thing as you – the best picture possible. Relax, sit comfortably and have trust in them.  

High-quality corporate headshots speak volumes about a business. As a window into your company, its ethos and its people, they are an important asset that you cannot afford to get wrong. 

Spencer Cobby Photography offers individually catered staff portrait packages to suit all kinds of businesses. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality professional headshots to help represent your business online. The images we create are highly versatile, and perfect for corporate use, marketing and company websites. They are also a great way to provide employees with suitable images for LinkedIn and social network profiles. To find out more about the business headshots service we offer, visit our website. And please do get in touch if you have any questions about how we can help with your staff portraits.  

Men in Sheds images to be used in NHS Film

Great news! Two images from my latest commercial photography project on the “Men In Sheds” has just been picked up by the production company “Flotilla Media” . The images are to be used in their latest film for NHS England and The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

The film theme is around the future care of elderly people in our community. Please See the images below. The Images used depict men working and enjoying the social environment. In the film, the images had to show off what Men in Sheds are all about. From what I saw in my time photographing the guys  – a ton of camaraderie, support, and friendship with an air of woodworking and a lot of Tea!

“These images were to be animated in a parallax scrolling effect used to create depth and scale whilst narration talks about future care within the southwest.”

I’m thrilled these images will be shown and get a wider audience and the “The Exeter Men in sheds” service will also benefit from the much-needed publicity.

[pexvimeo pex_attr_src=”″][/pexvimeo]

Men of Younge Street Toronto

The last few months have been very busy with photography. A highlight in late April was a photography commission by Water Babies Toronto Canada.

My brief was to finalise the training of a  new underwater photographer for Water Babies Canada and photograph over 30 babies swimming underwater. I stayed in Toronto for an extra day to photograph and soak up this very special city.

People always say that jetlag is a pain! And it takes a while to get over with such a small window of time in the city I really didn’t get time to adjust! So waking up in my Hotel on Younge street at 3am was just a bit weird and I felt a bit nocternal. Awake and hungry and a need to record my experience in this vibrant city I headed out. It wasn’t long before I found a Tim Hortons where coffee and a bagel got me though these overtired blues.

The following portraits below are from my journey down Younge street between 3am to 5pm – Men who work and live on this amazing street.


G4S Security Guard - By Spencer Cobby Photography

G4S Security Guard – By Spencer Cobby Photography

Hobo - asking for change - By Spencer Cobby Photography

Homeless man asking for change – By Spencer Cobby Photography

Power Walker - By Spencer Cobby Photography

Power Walker – By Spencer Cobby Photography

Toronto City beach front cleaner - By Spencer Cobby Photography

Toronto City beach front cleaner – By Spencer Cobby Photography

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