Product photography is a crucial element of any ecommerce site. First off, product photos attract the right customers to your site. They provide consumers with much-needed information about the product, making up for that lack of physical shopping experience. Good product photography also manages to convey your brand values and create a sense of desire amongst consumers. So, it goes without saying that product photography can make or break your ecommerce business! 

If you’re seeking some inspiration for your own product photos, here are 12 inspiring ecommerce sites using amazing product photography … 

Bang and Olufsen

image ofBeolab90 Ultimate loudspeakers

Just a quick glance at Bang & Olufsen’s product photography, and it’s clear this is a brand who are passionate about style, quality and innovation. The full-screen images they use on their website draw attention to the tiny finishing details that give Bang & Olufsen products that next level of quality. These consistently immaculate product shots portray the company as one that can deliver elegant, high-quality products. Perfect for driving sales. Plus, users can easily switch between colours on the main product photos. Perfect for curious customers who want to explore all of their options before making a purchase. 

Little Sparrow Tea

Image from Little Sparrow Tea showing dried rose buds

This Shopify store is a great example of how product photography can be used to attract and inform consumers. The close-up shots of each Little Sparrow Tea product bring you as close to an in-person shopping experience as possible – in fact, you can almost taste your brew as you shop! The consistent use of white-background shots creates a clean, professional look, and helps draw attention to the products themselves. 


Mulberry’s product photographs consider all the key angles and shots required to make up for consumers’ lack of physical interaction with their handbags. These clear, crisp photos show off the outside and inside of each product, with close-ups of buckles and fastenings, and even contextual product photos that show the items being worn or carried as well. This demonstrates to customers that Mulberry understand their need for strong visuals, especially with such high-ticket items, which is ideal for increasing customer satisfaction.  

Hard Graft

Perfectly capturing the essence of the Hard Graft brand, this collection of product photos is simply stunning. The consistent brown and grey colour scheme presents a unified, professional image of the brand, whilst the mix of angles helps show off every inch of the products to consumers. The quirky, creative photos appeal directly to the target market, and are sure to leave a lasting impression on those who visit Hard Graft’s ecommerce site.   

Colville Leather

image of Colville Leather's handmade leather oak tanned belt

Another Shopify store with beautiful product photography is Colville Leather. This fellow Devonshire business know exactly how to show off their wide range of leather accessories. Stunning close-up shots emphasise the beautiful detailing Colville are known for, exhibiting the high level of craftsmanship poured into every product. The backgrounds and colours used for their product photos complement the hues of their leather accessories, whilst conveying the brand’s passion for nature and the outdoors.  


Slick, stylish and simple, Fitbit’s product photography reflects the brand’s passion for sleek, high-quality fitness technology. The polished white-background shots help create a modern, professional ecommerce site, whilst the lifestyle shots help generate a sense of desire amongst consumers. You also have the option to view products in different colours, helping you make an informed buying decision. 

Ethno Tek

image showingUnique Travel Backpack | Raja 46 Liter Backpack

Ethno Tek have got their product photography just right. Each product is photographed from a range of angles, showing off useful features and hidden compartments. Their bags have been shot with typical carry items packed inside, giving consumers an idea of how they can be used. Plus, by hovering over the main product photo, site users can see additional colour options. Not only do the product photos make up for the lack of physical interaction between consumer and product, they also tie in with Ethno Tek’s culture of adventure. The aspirational lifestyle photos sell a fun, colourful and active lifestyle, giving consumers something to strive for. 


Another ecommerce site that’s sure to inspire you is that of Florida-based lifestyle brand Yield. Their product photography is subtle and stylish, mirroring their collection of elegant yet functional lifestyle products. They have made clever use of simple white background shots to focus consumers’ attention on the beautiful pastel colours of their products. The soft shadows in each photograph are just right – enough to give depth to the images without overpowering them. 

ETQ Amsterdam

ETQ Amsterdam are a brand driven by detail, minimalist refinement and quality. This is immediately evident in their product photography, which has been expertly produced to reflect their design philosophy. The minimalistic white background shots mean that no attention is drawn away from the products themselves, whilst the monochromatic colour scheme ties in perfectly with the essence of ETQ. 

Studio Neat

The products take centre stage on Studio Neat’s Shopify store, with high-quality cut-out shots providing a crisp, professional look. These slick white background shots are accompanied by useful contextual photographs that show the products next to everyday items to provide a sense of scale. There are also lifestyle images of the products being used in a number of settings, which not only demonstrates the versatility of the items on sale, but serves as a way of connecting with target consumers. We really admire how Studio Neat’s passion for solving problems with simple, innovative solutions is reflected in their product photography. The simple, stylish shots signify to consumers that it’s all about the products with Studio Neat.  

Land Rover

Land Rover make use of some seriously stunning product photography on their ecommerce site. The high calibre of imagery represents the company’s rich heritage of excellence and quality. Land Rover are selling a way of life with the photos of their vehicles. The beautiful lifestyle images connect with consumers’ emotions, giving them an exclusive lifestyle to aspire to. 


image of a woman's arm displaying a Tattly temporary tattoo

Last, but not certainly not least, we have Tattly, creators of fun and arty temporary tattoos. The mix of product and lifestyle photography on their Shopify site is perfect for providing consumers with an informed shopping experience. The white background shots help show off the bold tattoo designs, whilst the contextual photos of the tattoos being worn are useful for potential buyers to see before making a purchase. 

Hopefully our round-up of these 12 ecommerce sites using amazing product photography has left you feeling suitably inspired! Remember that as well as providing consumers with useful visual information, your product photos can tell the story of your brand and create a sense of longing amongst potential customers. They speak volumes about your company, so you can’t afford to get them wrong. 

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